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The RRPDC is a regional planning agency serving
the Town of Ashland;
the City of Richmond; and
the counties of Charles City, Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, and Powhatan.

Richmond Regional
Planning District Commission

9211 Forest Hill Avenue
Suite 200
Richmond, VA 23235

Directions to RRPDC

Phone:  804.323.2033
Fax:  804.323.2025

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.



Richmond Regional PDC FAQs

Table of Contents

1. What is a Planning District Commission (PDC)?
Who is served by the RRPDC?
Why do we have PDCs?
How are PDCs funded?
What does the PDC do?

Click here to view the Richmond Regional PDC Charter and Bylaws

1.  What is a Planning District Commission?

The Richmond Regional Planning District Commission (RRPDC) is a regional planning agency with major emphasis in the areas of transportation, water resources and solid waste planning, local technical assistance and information services including demographic, economic and geographic information systems. The Planning District, which was formed by local governments in 1968 under the authority of the Virginia Area Development Act - revised and retitled the Regional Cooperation Act in 1995 - is comprised of elected officials and citizens who address mutual problems and find solutions for the local governments which benefit from intergovernmental cooperation.

RRPDC’s Major Objectives

1. Identify issues and opportunities of an inter-jurisdictional nature

2. Establish plans and policies for addressing those regional issues

3. Identify ways and means for state and local governments and the private sector to implement programs

4. Help promote cooperation among state and local governments in issue resolution

5. Provide technical assistance and information services to its member jurisdictions.


2.  Who is served by the RRPDC ?

The district covers 2,165 square miles with a 2010 population of 1,002,696.  The nine member governments consist of:


3.  Why do we have PDCs ?

Planning district commissions make government more efficient and effective through coordinated planning and program analysis. In 1968 Virginia's General Assembly passed the Virginia Area Development Act "to promote orderly and efficient development of the physical, social and economic elements of the districts." Through planning district commissions, now 21 in number, local governments solve mutual problems which cross boundary lines. They also obtain expertise from professional staffs and advice on making the most of scarce taxpayer dollars through intergovernmental cooperation.


4.  How are PDCs funded?

Approximately half of the RRPDC’s funding is provided by the nine member jurisdictions on a per capita basis. The remaining funds are provided by various federal and state program grants, most notably transportation related, and the Virginia General Assembly.


5.  What does the PDC do?

Representatives appointed by the nine local governments that serve on the Commission meet monthly to discuss and approve intergovernmental plans. Between the monthly meetings, a professional support staff prepares technical data and reports which the Commission uses to make informed decisions.

Committees comprised of elected and appointed officials, business representatives, citizens, and professional technical staff also meet to discuss regional goals and prepare recommendations for the Planning District Commission and the Richmond Area Metropolitan Planning Organization. The PDC provides computerized mapping and information services to its members and assists in the development of grant applications. It provides demographic, geographic, economic and other information to the public. The Commission also hosts special regional and statewide conferences on a variety of topics important to local development.

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