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The RRPDC is a regional planning agency serving
the Town of Ashland;
the City of Richmond; and
the counties of Charles City, Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, and Powhatan.

Richmond Regional
Planning District Commission

9211 Forest Hill Avenue
Suite 200
Richmond, VA 23235

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Phone:  804.323.2033
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8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.



In May 2010, the MPO’s Intermodal Strategies and Action Study was completed. Work on this study was initiated in October 2008 and was funded under a VDOT Multimodal Planning Grant. It identifies roadway designations and policy measures to improve accommodation of current and future truck traffic and presents a summary of infrastructure improvement projects. These strategies and actions will help the MPO in addressing various regional freight movement needs, and have been included as part of the 2035 LRTP and CMP Update. The MPO’s FY 14 – FY 19 RSTP and CMAQ allocations include several Virginia Port Authority funded projects.

A major innovation in freight movement, initiated by the Richmond Regional TPO, has been the highly successful “64 Express” James River Barge service operating between the Port of Richmond and Hampton Roads marine terminals. The service concept was proposed in November 2007 and the service was launched in December 2008 as a cooperative venture by the MPO, the Port of Richmond, the Virginia Port Authority (VPA), and Norfolk Tug. The initial service had once or twice weekly service transporting about 100 to 160 truck containers. During its first year of operation (ending December 2009), approximately 6,000 truck containers were moved by barge on the 64 Express. It also removes oversize and overweight containers from the Region’s roads and provides 30-plus gallons of diesel fuel saved per trip. The MPO initiated the 64 Express service by allocating approximately $3.9 million in federal and state CMAQ funds for a three-year demonstration period. In FY 2011, RRPDC staff assisted VPA and the City of Richmond in discussions on VPA’s proposed lease of the Port of Richmond from the City. VPA entered into a five-year lease arrangement with the City of Richmond to manage and operate the Port of Richmond. This lease went into effect on July 1, 2011. With the Port of Richmond now under VPA operation, areas adjacent to the port terminal as well as other areas in the City of Richmond plus Chesterfield and Henrico counties should become more attractive locations for warehousing and distribution centers.

Richmond Tri-Cities Regional Intermodal Strategies Study


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Richmond Regional Planning District Commission | 9211 Forest Hill Avenue | Suite 200
Richmond, VA 23235 | (804) 323-2033

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